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What to know about the U.S presidents who have been impeached


Many presidents have been impeached because of their ruthless and violent behavior. Any President and political leader who has committed one of the violations described by the constitutions as bribery, treason, and any other high crimes and misdemeanors. History shows that many presidents have been impeached even if they are politically supported. An impeached president has to face all the negative aspects against him whether many members believe that he is honest and supportive to the public. Sometimes, the president’s own parties turn against him and there is a chance that he will lose his worth and popularity. 

In this article, we will explore some Presidents who have been impeached and will discuss some reasons. 

Here is a list of the Presidents that you need to know who has been impeached and stayed in office. 

Andrew johnson

After the first civil war set, the stage for the first impeachment of a U.S president. He was succeeded by his Vice president, Andrew Jhonson after the death of President Abraham Lincoln. 

overview Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson was the first President who face impeachment proceedings.

Andrew Johnson was the first President who has faced impeachment proceedings. It all started when he removed his secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, from office in 1867, which split the tenure of the Office Act. The law meant he could not fire any significant officials without first getting the Senate’s permission. He has suspended Stanton and replaced him, at first. But when congress intercedes and reinstated Stanton then johnson fired him on February 21, 1868. On 24 February 1868, the House of Representatives impeached Johnson by a vote of 126-47. The house said he had infract the law and disgraced the US congress. From March to May in 1868 over eleven weeks, the Senate tried Jhonson’s case and finally voted to release him. The 35 votes were guilty and 19 were guilty. 

Bill Clinton 

Bill Clinton was the second President who was impeached proceeding. He was dealing with scandals in early 1994 that began with financial investigations known as whitewater. In the same year, Paula jones accused the President because of sexual harassment. He argued that he had presidential immunity from the civil case but in 1997 the supreme court rejected his arguments. During Jones’s case, Bill Clinton has denied under oath that he had an affair with the white house intern Monica Lewinsky in January 1998. But the news of Bill Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky goes out. In July 1998, Bill Clinton acknowledged the allegation that he had an affair with Lewinsky. 

overview Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton was the second president who was impeached.

Lewinsky also had shared her conversation with Bill Clinton and then on December 11, 1998, the house had approved the articles of impeachment along party lines. Bill Clinton has declined the allegation in front of the great jury and said that he has no relationship with Lewinsky and abused justice. 

On December 19, 1998, the House impeached Bill Clinton.

Donald Trump

Donal Trump was also impeached in December 2019. There are two reasons for which Donal Trump was impeached. One is the abuse of power and the second is the obstruction of congress. 

On September 24, the House of Representatives launched an impeachment inquiry again Donal Trump. Whistleblower complaints claim that the president has abused his power of politics while seeking an investigation into Democrats such as Biden. The investigators of the house looked into Donald Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to try to pressure the country into managing and publicly announcing an investigation into the Biden family. Trump has denied that there was any “quid pro quo” in his conversations with Ukraine’s president with Zelensky and blasted House Democrats for the impeachment investigation that equated it to the Salem Witch trials. The House voted along party lines that earned a majority to charge the president on both countries on December 18, 2019. The house passed an article of abuse-of-power by a vote of 230 to 197 to 1 and the obstruction-of-Congress article by a vote of 229 to 198 to 1. The House voted for speaker Nancy Pelosi to formally submit the impeached articles to the Senate on January 15. John Robert, U.S Chief Justice presided over the impeachment trial. 

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Donald was the third President who was impeached

Senators in approving a motion of call witnesses to testify in the impeachment trial failed with a vote of 51-49 against him. At the time the senate consisted of 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and two independents who caucused with Democrats.  Trump was cleared of both articles of impeachment. On abuse of power, senators voted 52-48, with Sen on February 5. 

Other Presidents also face impeachment threat

As we read about the five presidents who faced impeachment proceedings but there are many other presidents who also have faced impeachment threats and others might expect. The Presidents are usually a threat when they use abusive language and do some hate speech for other’s powers of politics. 

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