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Why E coin Increase So Rapidly


E coin is the type of cryptocurrency in which a user registers himself by his email and phone number. The value of E coin gain by you, your friends, and their friends, and so on. Basically, it is the user’s network that gives the value of the payment network which grows in millions. It is an excellent way to increase your money. The new user will register by using their email and phone number at the cryptocurrency for the first time. Most of the businesses which are working online are mostly accepting cryptocurrency like bitcoin and only 1% of the user’s base uses bitcoin at the best. By E coin anyone can be served online businesses. Multibillion-dollar businesses like online casinos, sport betting sites, e-commerce, etc. can serve anyone in the globe very soon. 

There are two reasons

Network and Endowment effect, in-network if more people sign up the value of E coin rises more and the value of E coin is more than the more people sign up. 

And the second reason is the Endowment effect- in which the people value crypto they hold much more than the ones they don’t. For cryptocurrency keep, you will probably be worried about its price and will make sure the price hold rising by supporting it in every way possible. Cryptocurrency is a world-changing concept that gives freedom to the people as they think to live their lives. However, cryptocurrency is considered the world’s biggest revolution. Due to its distribution methods, its adoption is pretty slow. 

There is some reason why people don’t adopt it

Thinking that people to pay for anything, they don’t understand or trust is not a particle, hence E coin goal is to give its tokens free of cost for everyone with a valid and permanent email. 

We make your first cryptocurrency very easy which is very necessary for mass adoption. So far all crypto expect users to either mine with expensive hardware or buy all of which create big barriers for adoption. 

E coin has more than 100 million users, it’s importantly impossible to stop E coin’s growth. The separation model of E coin is actually a unique system. 

This ideal separating model keeps E coin its highest benefit, the lowest cost per user acquisition in the cryptocurrency industry. No doubt, coins similar to Stellar spend appropriately $40 for expecting one user, E coin can do it at $1 or less, which implies the E coin distribution model is at least 40x more efficient. 

cryptocurrency ecoin
cryptocurrency ecoin

Now take an easy look at how E coin works, E coin is a token based on an EOS blockchain that can run as many as 5000 Tx per second which is about 800 E coin has a supply of about 1 trillion coins of which 500 billion (5000 million) are locked in a smart contract which is released by about 50 billion (500 million) every 6 months (180 days). The remaining 500 billion (5000 million) will be distributed to users who signs up on our platform. 

How can we get a free E coin, the free E coin is given by a valid email address. When we first sign up by using a valid email to E coin we get a free 200 E coin and when we refer it to another friend and he signs up by using the over refer link then we also get 200 E coin. There is no limit to refer it to your

friends, so the more you refer the more you can. You can also get E coin by buying it from others.

There are 8 different ways to get the E coin

1- 200 E coin for first sign up by using a valid email. 

2- 200 More E coin get when your friend signs up by using your referral link. 

3- 100 E coin when someone signs up by using your referral link in 1 hour of opening of your referral link. 

4- 100 E coin for everyone whom you refer in the first 24 hours of your first sign up. 5- 100 E coin for everyone whom your friends sign up. 

6- 10 to 15% monthly staking rewards. 

7- 5000 E coin to 10000 E coin for referring admins of top 1000000 domains. 8- 60 E coin for everyone who views your referral link and signs up later.

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