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In today’s world, almost everyone wants to look slim. Everyone wants to lose weight. They want to look beautiful outwardly and they adopt different things. Some people also like to have some kind of surgery. Many people start doing healthy things but there are many things that we do not know about the foods. We literally do not know how many carbs and calories are required in a day. We focus on healthy meals but we do not focus on how many proteins we are consuming in a day. Maybe the food that you are eating now is bad for you. We all know that foods have a big effect on our weight. Many foods are helpful to lose weight such as fat-full yoghurt, coconut oil, and egg. 

But some foods that look healthy have a bad impact on health and cause weight gain such as refined and processed products. 

In this article, we are going to explore the foods that cause your belly fat. 

Sugary liquid foods 

We all know the bad impacts of sugar on health. A glass of soft drink contains 10 to 12 sugar spoons. A lot of sweet liquids such as sports drinks, soft drinks, and Soda drinks contain a large amount of sugar. Think, when you consume a glass of these drinks how many calories you have consumed in a moment then. You may consume a heap of calories but the problem is that these calories do not furnish your body. Instead of this, they start adding fat into your belly. Fat can become a cause of health issues. 

Having this much sugar and calories you may face some serious issues too such as heart problems and liver problems. If you are serious to lose weight then you must have to give up these sugary drinks. Only then you will be able to lose weight in an easy way. 

French Fries & Potato Chips 

Potatoes are healthy to consume but french fries and potatoes are not. We literally consume too many french fries and potato chips because they look tasty in that form. But in this way, you consumed a high amount of calories without thinking about them. 

According to our research, consuming potato chips and french fries is directly linked to your weight. Some studies also revealed that potato chips may contain cancer-causing substances. That is why it is important to skip that thing if you really want to lose weight. 

healthy food
Fresh and home made juices are much better than the sugary and the market juices.

White Bread 

White bread is also highly refined and contains added sugar so it is also important to focus on that. White bread can create a problem with blood sugar levels. It can also become a cause of many health issues. You can have healthier bread instead of white bread. According to our research, people who are consuming two white bread slices daily gain weight and get obese. Thankfully we have some alternates that we can consume. 

Fruit Juices 

Fruit juices undoubtedly are very healthy to consume. But the juices that you get from the market contain a very less amount of original fruit juice otherwise they contain a high amount of sugar. All the juices are highly processed.  You may face a lot of health issues. It is very important to give up consuming these fruit juices if you want a slim belly. You should prefer to drink homemade fruit juices. Because when you make it at home you will not cheat yourself. Do not add any sugar to it, make it fully with the whole fruit. You will see that taste much better than the market one. You may also eat fruits if you like. 


Alcohol contains more calories than carbs and proteins that are really bad for health and you easily get belly fat. But there is no evidence about the link between alcohol and weight gain. This is because sometimes alcohol proved to be helpful to reduce weight gain. Anyhow, heavy drinks are really associated with weight gain. As we know alcohol can be found in multiple types. That is why it is also important to have the perfect one because alcohol can be dangerous to consume but a certain type of vine is literally good and beneficial to lose weight. 

Ice Cream 

The ice cream looks delicious but is not healthy to consume. It is loaded with sugar and that is why it contains a high amount of calories. Think about having a healthier ice cream that you can make at home by using less sugar and healthier ingredients. It is significantly very good. But do not eat too much, try to have only a small portion because you want to lose weight. 

All these things should be avoided immediately if you really want to lose weight. Calories in junk food can lead you to many health issues. That is why it is really important to avoid unhealthy food. 

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